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2021-10-03 16:35:03

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How it works

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You can start using FluxCards with just one click if you are logged in with Facebook or Google+! Additionally you can easily share your card sets with your friends there.

How does learning work?

The FluxCards Spaced Repetition Algorithm allows you to focus on the stuff you have to learn while hiding the stuff you know well. This way you can easily learn for example 20 words of a foreign language per day with just 20 minutes of effort.

What can I learn?

With FluxCards you can learn anything you could learn with paper flashcards but way more efficiently. The easy editor allows you to use images to better memorize facts and the easy sharing features allow you to for example create card sets with 4 of your friends and let other 30 learn the cards while you are still editing.

Take a look at Card Set Market

You can try out FluxCards learning by choosing a card set from FluxCards Market. Also you can directly add card sets to your learning list or share your own card sets publicly on our FluxCards Market.

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With FluxCards you can …

  • Learn and prioritize your flashcards

  • Share knowledge with your friends from Facebook and Google+ or via mail

  • See your progress at a glance with meaningful stats

  • Create card sets in groups

  • Organize your classes as a teacher (teachers feature is still under development)